What Happens After Acceptance?

A lot of people think just getting an offer accepted is the hardest part but in reality, it is just the beginning.

Step 1 Open Escrow - Your agent will gather all the contracts and send them to the title company. If any terms change during the escrow process your agent will send the proper addendums to the title company so they can be ready for closing day.

Step 2 Home Inspection - Every home inspection is going to come back with some issues. Even on new construction. What we need to decide is what is most important. If you ask for everything you will most likely get nothing.

Step 3 Appraisal - These often come in right at value but when it doesn't we go to work. There are a few options we can try. Provide additional comps to the appraiser to see if they will adjust the value, ask seller to drop price, or have buyer come up with the difference in cash.

Step 4 Final walkthrough - In this step hopefully a lot of the seller's stuff has been moved out so you can see more of the house. We will walk through the house to make sure nothing has changed or damaged since the inspection.

Step 5 Closing - All parties sign the final closing docs and within a few hours it will fund and record. At that point you are now the owner. You should get the keys and can start moving in!

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